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the girl in the purple beanie is me, and the guy i’m hugging is brady szuhaj, bassist of late nite reading. early january i tweeted brady and asked him if at the chicago show of the freeks and geeks tour if he’d go with me to throw my last unused razor away seeing as he’d helped me through so much and i would be a year clean at that time. he replied, “of course i will” and he did. on march 2, this boy changed my life. he held my hand in the air and walked me back to the bathroom (my friend’s following and recording this). as i handed him the razor he looked me in the eyes and said “no more” he hugged me so tightly i can’t even put into words how it felt. he kept reassuring me that he loved me and that i could  beat this. as he threw the razor in the trash can he yelled, “bam! fuck that thing!” and hugged me for a while longer. i’m not sure i’ve ever hugged anybody tighter. im posting this to show that band members do care; i want people to see what amazing people are in the music industry. i’ll never be able to thank brady for this enough. and thanks to him, im gonna push to get to two years clean. im going to get beter, because i deserve that. 

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